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I would like to purchase a book on reading a barometer or a book that goes into some detail about the above

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Write your blog is very good! You are willing to share with me your experience it? Very proud to see this article ah

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Right now I'm starting to study my second major, meteorology and these four weather books will be so useful to me, thank you so much for sharing this!

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I just bought this book. Lot of information about weather and climate.


Thanks for this useful post!

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Thanks for tris interesting information! I found it very useful =)


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I enjoyed this taretment of the theme very much. It can be amazing how much weather influences our emotions. I hadn't thought about it much before seeing your pictures and reading what you wrote here. I should have realized it, living in the rainy Northwest. :-) Very nice!

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I am simply out of words after reading your article. I want to appreciate the way you handled such a complicated subject.


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Understanding weather conditions and how they come about is so interesting. The fact that you would be able to predict what the weather will be by looking at the clouds out of your windows, as well as understanding the weather graphs and charts on the weather forecast makes you more knowledgeable about the weather changes around your location. These books seem to be very helpful in teaching interested readers the basic and more advanced aspects of weather.

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I know that you are really a good kid and don't want to get into trouble. Man, when I was your age, there were a lot of kids in my class who were doing things that their parents never knew about. One of them even ended up going to jail for awhile. We live in a tough world.

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